The cheque, for £654.00 from Lowmex 2019 was presented by Kevin Rackham Chairman of the Lowmex Committee to Mat Parker Workshop Manager of S.O.L.D.

The others present are members of S.O.L.D. and representatives from Lowmex

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S.O.L.D (Special Objectives for the Local Disbaled)

















It is S.O.L.D's aim to inspire every user through

self-motivation, to try a selection of these activities.

If any have an aspiration for an activity not on offer, we would endeavour to incorporate into our program. we are involved in community projects as well as working at our studio base. 

The centre is open Mon to Fri 9.00am until 4.00pm ​


For further information

Contact:              Mat Parker.

Telephone:         01502 512617



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                          S.O.L.D (Lowestoft)

                          South Lowestoft Industrial Estate

                          36 Harvest Drive



                          NR33 7NJ